Guided tours and the history of the Nynäs manor

Nynäs – a long story short

Archaeological finds from the Bronze- and Iron Age suggest that the Nynäs area has been populated by humans for a long time. The costal closeness and marine life as well as the possibilities for agricultural activity were the main reasons why people settled here. Rundbo Lake was once connected to the Baltic Sea and worked as an inland waterway and people settled along its shorelines.

During Medieval times, the noblemen came to Nynäs. The Estate is mentioned for the first time in a letter 1328 when Birgitta “daughter of Jon” lived here with her husband Knight Peder Ragvaldson. Since then the Manor has been owned by various members of the Swedish aristocracy, such as the families Grip, Gyllenstierna, Hildebrand and Bonde.

The last family to privately own the Nynäs Estate was the family Gripenstedt. They came to Nynäs in the 1840's and remained owners of the manor until 1984. The descendants of  the family still visit now and again.

In 1984 the province of Sörmland gained responsibility for care and upkeep of the manor and reserve. Sörmlands Naturbruk (SNB) is now mainly responsible for Nynäs. Nynäs is a living cultural heritage were the forest and agricultural areas are taken care of by the school at Ökna. On the northern side of the Manor you´ll find the large outdoor kitchen garden which has a legacy as far back as the 1600s. In the Manor House you´ll find exhibits and on the other side of the park the old orangery which today is called Restaurant Nynäs and serves ecological food with vegetables from the kitchen garden.   

The history of the ownership of Nynäs 

1328    Birgitta Jonsdotter (of the Aspenäsfamily)    
1346    Kristina Pedersdotter   
år ?      N.N Gustafsdotter (Sparre af Vik)
1383    Finvid Finvidson d.y (Frössviksfamily)
1384    Bo Jonsson Grip, made a suspect purches
1386    Knut Bosson Grip, after which the crown took care of the manor 1386 - 1411
1411    Ermegard Bülow, widow of Knut Bosson Grip
1442    Katarina Knutsdotter Grip
1445    Bo Nilsson Grip
1464    Nils Bosson Grip
1522    Marina Nilsdotter Grip
1552    Nils Gyllenstierna, son of Marina Nilsdotter Grip
1564    Erik Gyllenstierna, brother of Nils
1586    Carl Gyllenstierna
1621    Erik Gyllenstierna
1657    Conrad Gyllenstierna
1684    Eva Lewenhaupt, widow of Conrad
1729    Beata Gyllenstierna
1745    Claes Gustaf Rålamb, inherited Nynäs from Beata Gyllenstierna
1769    David Henrik Hildebrand, purchased Nynäs
1791    Agneta Schönström, widow of Hildebrand
1796    David Gotthard Hildebrand
1808    Carl Carlsson Bonde, nephew of David Gotthard.
1812    Carl Göran Bonde, took over after his son Carl Carlsson
1840    Sophia Ulrika Bonde, daughter of Carl Göran, married to Anckarswärd
1856    Johan August Gripenstedt, the son in law of Sophia Ulrika Bonde, purchased Nynäs
1874    Eva Anckarswärd, widow of J. A. Gripenstedt
1887    Carl Gustaf Gripenstedt, son of Eva and Johan August
1910    Johan Theodor Gripenstedt, purchased Nynäs from his brother Carl Gustaf
1918    Ebba Anckarcrona, widow of Johan Theodor Gripenstedt, gives control Nynäs to
1927    Alfred Gripenstedt, brother of Johan Theodor Gripenstedt
1967    The province of Sörmland purchased the land connected to the manor
1969    Johan Gripenstedt, brother of Alfred inherits the park and Manor House
1984    The province of Sörmland purchased the manor and the park