Nynäs nature reserve


Nynäs Nature reserve – over 8000 acres to explore!


The nature reserve at Nynäs was established in 1971 and is among the largest in Sörmland. The reserve is 8067 acres which divides into 6545 acres of land and 1521 acres of lakes and coastal areas.

The reserve is under the care of SNB (Sörmlands Naturbruk) as part of the province of Sörmland and its department for culture and education.   

There are many ways to get closer to nature in the area, among them the woodland trails. We recently started  working on improving the possibilities of traveling through and inside the reserve.  Signposts with maps have been placed throughout the reserve to inform our visitors about what they could see and experience here. Visitors are welcome any time of the year!

We are Natures visitors

As a visitor to the reserve it’s important to respect and take responsibility for our actions, therefor we would like you to pay extra attention to the following;

The grounds, plants and wildlife are easily disturbed, make sure your visit to their home doesn’t damage them!

If you are horseback riding or biking make sure to stick to the marked trails! Cars and other kinds of motorized terrain vehicles are not allowed.

Please close gates between and around different areas as you travel through the reserve. Please avoid private property and gardens.

The wildlife have a right to live undisturbed, dogs are kept on a leash. Keep in mind that between 1 Mars and 20 August it is mating season, therefor be more careful.

Feel free to pick mushrooms and flowers but keep in mind that there are some endangered species and should therefore not be picked. It is not allowed to dig up flowers or pick them with the intention of selling them.

If you had a picnic please take your trash with you, Nature doesn’t clean itself.

Within Nynäs reserve fishing is allowed with the exception of Björken Lake where fishing is not allowed.